Pickles (plus Sloths and Squirrels) in Picture Books!

Happy New Year and Welcome 2021!


I am so pleased that SLOTH AND SQUIRREL IN A PICKLE will be published this year from Kids Can Press with absolutely knock-your-socks off superb illustrations by the talented Kelly Collier. Here’s the “dill-ightful” cover:

A speedy squirrel and a sleepy sloth try to get the job done in this funny, heartwarming tale of two lovable, but unlikely, friends. Though Sloth and Squirrel are good friends, they have different ways of doing things — and different speeds of doing them. So, when Squirrel gets them jobs as pickle packers to earn money for a new bike, things don’t go according to plan. It seems that the contrasting skill sets of a fast-as-lightening squirrel and a slow-as-molasses sloth can make for a mess of an outcome, and before long, the friends are shown the pickle factory’s door, along with the 677 1/2 jars of pickles they packed incorrectly! Now the pair are bicycle-less, with only pickles to show for themselves. Or so they think — until the resourceful pair come up with an ingenious plan! This delightful story from Cathy Ballou Mealey is a celebration of friendships of all kinds and a testament to ingenuity and hard work. Packed with funny details that aren’t in the text, Kelly Collier’s engaging illustrations are full of personality and silly, emotionally expressive humor. Together they create a hilarious picture book that’s perfect for a fun and lively read-aloud. At the same time, the positive themes in the book highlight a growth mindset and character education lessons on teamwork, perseverance and initiative.

If you wish to pre-order for the May 4th publication date, here’s the Bookshop link:


But you may also visit your local bookstore or favorite online retailer!

If you use Goodreads, please add PICKLE to your virtual “Want to Read” shelf!


Asking your local library to purchase a copy is also much appreciated!

I look forward to sharing more news, reviews, blog posts and giveaways for SLOTH AND SQUIRREL IN A PICKLE as publication day draws nearer. Wishing you all good health and great happiness for the new year!

About Cathy Ballou Mealey

Picture book fanatic and autism advocate, author, scone lover. SLOTH AND SQUIRREL IN A PICKLE (2021) @KidsCanPress. WHEN A TREE GROWS (2019) @SterlingKids, Repped by Liza Fleissig @lizaroyceagency. Find me at Twitter/Instagram @catballoumealey
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19 Responses to Pickles (plus Sloths and Squirrels) in Picture Books!

  1. rnewman504 says:

    Cathy, Can’t wait for my copy to arrive! It looks PICKLE-TAS-TIC!

  2. I think this is a book that kids will pick-le to read over and over again! πŸ‘πŸ½

  3. tinamcho says:

    Looks delightful! Congrats.

  4. Lauri Meyers says:

    Cathy, this sounds crazy!!! How did you come up with this madcap adventure? I can’t wait to read. Congrats!

  5. Congrats, Cathy! Looks so great! Can’t wait to read it 😊

  6. Awww. This book looks perfectly enchanting. I hope I can read it soon. Thanks for telling me about it. Congratulations and Happy New Year.

  7. Cathy Ballou Mealey says:

    Happy New Year Rosi! Thank you for the book love!

  8. Sue Wang says:

    Congratulations, Cathy! This sounds so fun and witty. I also love the vivid illustrations. What a way to kick off 2021. Look forward to hearing more!

  9. Congratulations on your new book Cathy! What a wonderful way to welcome in the New Year! I look forward to reading Sloth and Squirrel in a Pickle — and also to sharing your story with several of my young friends! Kuddos to you, to the sloth, and to the squirrel!

  10. Irene C Mealey says:

    I can’t wait to get my autographed copy! May 4th publication date…..great things have happened on that day 😁

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